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Angular Testing Masterclass

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Hey Angular friends, 👋

Want to learn how to write tests for Angular applications?

And avoid shipping bugs to production?

Then, welcome to the "Unleash your Angular testing skills" masterclass for Angular developers.

So what will you be learning?

  • Basic testing theory that will let you get started with a bang.
  • How NOT to write your first tests.
  • How to unit test the common stuff like Angular components, services, pipes.
  • The pieces of your Angular application that you should focus on testing.
  • That mocking dependencies is actually easy to do.
  • What to do when you’re staring at a blank test file and not sure what to even start typing.
  • How to test Angular forms. 
  • How to test the Angular router. So your users don’t get re-routed to… um… CNN or something like that.
  • Discover E2E testing and what it’s all about. What is protractor anyway?
  • The DO’s and DON’Ts of E2E testing.
  • Cool testing tools and hot stuff like setting up continuous integration, and code coverage as well as debugging tests.
  • How to test Observable’s.
  • How to test Promises.
  • A real-world example that we’ll test, step-by-step.
  • And more...

Now why should you get this?

This is a masterclass for anyone that wants to quickly learn the essentials of Angular testing.

Of course, there are other courses and trainings out there.

For example...

You can get the "Angular Testing Workshop" from Christian for $497.

Or "The Best Angular Testing Course" from Hirez for $97.

Or you can get this Angular testing masterclass that will teach you all the theory and skills you need to start testing Angular applications today.

All of it, for only $20.

Plus, I want to give you a bonus.

I'll give you a free bonus that no other Angular testing course on the planet will offer.

What bonus?

If you purchase and complete this training, I will give you a raving LinkedIn recommendation about your Angular skills. This will help you attract recruiters and potential jobs.

Once you complete the training, send me a message here with your LinkedIn profile and I'll give you a recommendation.

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Angular Testing Masterclass

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